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Bangkok, Thailand is a deafening roar of sights and sounds that welcomes urban adventurers able to become a little lost in the region. Packed with non-stop motion, grit, character, and some of the best budget food in the world, Bangkok isn't going to get you wrong.

This is a frantic jigsaw puzzle of high-rise skyscrapers, lively buses, motorcycle buses, and busy pedestrians. When you visit Bangkok, you will learn what this eclectic city — a mix of old and new — has to bring. It may be a busy metropolis, but at dawn you can see Buddhist monks wearing saffron-colored robes lining the streets. As the rest of Thailand, there is a lot of bargaining and bartering: retail haggling is the standard and a language of its own. Come here to find a wide variety of enjoyable events, from cultural and heritage to shopping, galleries and spas.

1. The Wat Pho (the reclining Buddha): A trip to Wat Pho is a must for any visitor to Bangkok, the birthplace of the Reclining Buddha, who is fifteen meters tall and forty-six meters long, and whose feet only are more than five meters long. The entire statue is coated with a gold leaf and looks unbelievable as you get up there. There are 108 bowls inside the temple, and you can purchase coins for bowls on the walk to the temple. The storey for this is that Buddha performed 108 positive acts on his path to perfection. You should also rest at the temple for a while to get a Thai traditional massage.

2. The Grand Palace: Of almost all of the tourist destinations in Bangkok, the Grand Palace is the most popular attraction in the world. You just can't move to another city unless you find the time to visit. At one time, the palace was the residence of the King, as well as the location where the Government of Thailand carried out its work. A ride to the palace will take a number of hours, as there are over 214,000 square feet. Meters to shield it. Be mindful of possible scams when you're outside the palace and just pay the admission fee when you're really moving in.

3. Chatuchak Market: You have to try out this place if you enjoy shopping. If you hate shopping, you've got to give this place a friendly wave. With over 8000 vendors across 27 acres, this is one of the biggest markets in the country. Accessible every Saturday and Sunday, it draws almost 200,000 tourists a day, you'll find everything you've ever dreamed for sale here and mostly at local prices instead of tourist prices, it's probably worth picking up a map before you go to avoid getting lost in the marketplace for hours.

4. Sathorn Unique Tower: Until the financial crisis struck the world several years ago, a giant 49-story skyscraper was being constructed in the heart of Bangkok, however when the crisis hit, construction work halted and the tower was never finished. Now it's lying there abandoned, just too high for anybody to do anything about it, unless you're aiming for a climb? There are some security guards at the bottom of the tower, and you're going to have to pay for them, so after that's over, you're free to attack the tower. The views from the top are spectacular and will make the long, rough climb of the unfinished tower worth it.

Best Time to Visit

No wonder when you schedule your trip to Bangkok, it's going to be hot. Notice that there are three seasons throughout. And during rainy season from May to November, the climate is mild and humid, with afternoon showers. Heavy rains are dropping regularly, with occasional significant thunderstorms. The perfect time to visit Bangkok is from the end of November to mid-January. Throughout this time, the atmosphere is tropical: warm, and comfortable. The best time to go is between March and May, whenever the city hits its peak temperatures.


Area: 1,569 km²

Population: 82.8 lakhs (2010)

Capital: of Thailand


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