Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Is it safe to use ?

Yes, we are legitimate website and reputed as well. We provide secure SSL encrypted technology for you to make a booking that is safe and secure.

Q 2. I have Children travelling alone, Is there a different booking procedure for this?

You may request for unaccompanied minor service, fees and conditions are different depending on each airline. Please contact our customer support before booking.

Q 3. what is the cancellation policy and change policy of my booking?

All tickets booked with are non-refundable unless specified otherwise on the booking page or on the confirmation email you receive after completion of your booking.

Some tickets are allowed to be changed however they are subject to a rebooking fees plus an additional fare difference, if applicable.

You may contact us via email or call us to confirm the terms and conditions of your specific reservation as they may vary from another reservation.

Q 4. how do I make request for changes or cancellations?

Kindly refer to our cancellation or change policy for detailed information

Q 5. Why is there a difference in price when compared to other websites.

The prices may vary depending on several factors such as (but not limited to): Discounted deals available with different companies provided by different airlines, some are reflecting a quota of seats reserved for only corporate clients etc.

Q 6. what happens after I complete my online reservation?

After the booking is completed online, It undergoes an automatic payment verification after which the payment is charged and tickets are issued, Tickets are emailed in less than 24 hours of making the reservation. In case you do not receive your tickets or your payment is not charged, kindly check email for any notifications. In case of no notification, please email or call us to know the status of your reservation.

Q 7. when will you charge my payment?

Your payment information goes through a verification process. This verification is done to prevent illegitimate use of the credit card, to avoid fraud against the company or the actual card holder. After the verification is completed, your payment will be charged. This may take up to 12 hours. In case the verification fails , You would be notified by email or phone.

Q 8. What is the need for documents such as photo ID , Card copies and payment authorization form ?

In order to avoid any fraudulent transaction against the company and the actual card holder we may request you to provide document such as front and back of your credit card (with first 8-12 digits hidden), A photo id for billing address verification and an authorization form in which the card holder duly fills in the payment information and signs the document to authorize a payment transaction.

Documents need to be sent to

The reason to ask for above information could be one out of (but not limited to) – 3rd party transaction, High volume transactions, Urgent travel or travel within certain number of days (varies from booking to booking) , Cards not issued in United states or High risk transactions (a destination with a historic trend of fraud transactions)

Q 9. Do we charge a service fee?

The total amount quoted on the booking page may include a portion as service fee however the total amount charged never exceeds the total quoted amount. By booking with us you automatically agree that you are happy with the price after doing a thorough fare comparison online or offline. The service fee usually varies between CAD $30 to $100.00 depending on the type of reservation.